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LRM Wire Rope Tester

The LRM-XXI Diagnostic System for wire ropes and tubes NDT / NDE is based on the principle of saturation of steel rope section with the use of permanent magnets and obtaining the Loss of Metallic Area (LMA) traces and Local Flaw (LF) traces.

The use of the LMA sensor is essential in this wire rope NDT / NDE testing device for indication of a rope weakening due to internal and external corrosion, wear and other structural changes occurring on a length of a rope. LF Sensors detect local changes in a rope structure, eg. due to corrosion or broken wires. Flaws are detected in a whole cross section of a rope.

Non-destructive testing and manufacturing testing equipment for MFL method:
  • steel wire ropes, within in range of diameters from 3mm up to 270mm for round ropes
  • conveyor belts
  • Flat steel rubber ropes
  • Steel tubes
  • Know-how of damage measuring, expressed as percentage of the rope cross-section
  • Training and certificate in the practical application of the magnetic MFL method and the equipment of the LRM XXI Diagnostic System
  • LRM XXI Diagnostic System is well-accepted by the most important specialists from countries around the world.
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LRM-MH Measuring Heads
  • Designed for round or flat ropes testing, which as a standard comprise
  • LMA sensor for detecting long changes in the rope cross-section due to corrosion and abrasion effects, lack of wires in the tested section of the rope
  • LF sensors for detecting local changes, e.g. broken wires, section loss, corrosion pits and other local rope damage.
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