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Ultrasonic Testing Accessories

There are various accessories required for Ultrasonic Testing of any component few of them are:
  • Couplant

  • Corrosion Inhibitors

  • Calibration Blocks

  • Ultrasonic Probes

Other Products
  • Couplant for Manual Ultrasonic Testing
    The couplant is a fragrant gel based on water, and better than oil, grease, or water: It achieves excellent coupling, does not soil, and is free from sulphur, halogen and phosphor; it contains a corrosion inhibitor, is non-irritant and non-flammable. Temperature range: 0 °C through +80 °C

  • High Temperature Couplant for Manual Ultrasonic Testing
    This high-temperature resistive grease is based on silicon oil and allows measurements on components with surface temperatures between -40 °C and +290 °C.
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  • Couplant for Manual Ultrasonic Testing
  • ECHOFLUID is an odourless liquid with a viscosity similar to water or oil, but grants better coupling than other liquids.
  • ECHOFLUID is recommended for higher frequencies and wall thickness measurement. It is completely removable, an excellent corrosion inhibitor and non-irritating to skin.
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  • Corrosion Inhibitor : Indispensable for manual or automated ultrasonic testing in immersion or squirter techniques
  • Water Additive : Water is an ideal couplant, but generates corrosion on components and testing mechanics. Common corrosion inhibitor very often remarkably reduces the tool life of ultrasonic probes. ECHOKOR is added to the water in 1 to 2.5 % per volume and thus reliably protects even materials sensitive to corrosion. ECHOKOR can easily be dissolved in water and bothers neither skin nor probes.
  • ECHOKOR LF : Water Additive is an extra low foam corrosion inhibitor and is convenient for the use in couplant circuits.
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Calibration Blocks
  • Indispensable for instrument calibration and certification

  • Calibration Block #1 according to EN ISO 2400

  • Calibration Block #2 according to DIN EN ISO 7963
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Ultrasonic Probes
KARL DEUTSCH ultrasonic transducers are the result of practical experience from decades, theoretical knowledge and manufacturing know-how. Naturally they are manufactured to the standards of a Quality Management System which complies to DIN ISO 9001:2008 - quality, made in Germany.
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