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Robotic Cameras
Robotic Crawler based camera systems are used for visual inspection of difficult to access areas. In this technique, an automated robotic crawler system is sent inside the inspection area to record the images & videos. Live visuals are displayed on the control unit/monitor. These camera systems can be used for under water & intrinsicly safe environment.

These producs are categorised into :
  • Manhole Zoom Camera Systems
  • Pan & Tilt Push Camera Systems
  • Robotic Crawler Systems
Based on application, Robotic Camera System has following models :
  • Rovion RX 130 : Robotic crawler for 150 mm - 300 mm diameter
  • Rovion RX 400 : Robotic crawler for 400 mm - 1300 mm diameter
  • Agilios : Push camera for upto 90 meter length
  • Quick View : Zoom inspection camera for manhole inspection
Other Products

The application area of the RX130 crawler ranges from DN 150 up to DN 1000 (with elevator and carrier mounted).
  • Powerful six-wheel drive (steerable)
  • Location transmitter can be activated
  • Crawler wheels for all surface conditions
  • Constant monitoring by pitch and roll sensor
  • Constant monitoring of the internal pressure and temperature
  • Integrated backeye camera
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The application area of the RX400 crawler ranges from DN 400 up to DN 2000.
  • Application area ranging from DN 400 up to DN 1300 (optionally up to DN 2000)
  • Powerful four-wheel drive (steerable)
  • Electrically operated 2-speed gearbox
  • Electrically operated clutch with safety mode
  • Good ground clearance with automatic lifter
  • Sensor system for automatic camera centering
  • Location transmitter can be activated
  • Constant monitoring by roll and inclination sensor
  • Constant monitoring of the internal pressure and temperature
  • Four manually adjustable LED lamps for optimum illumination of the pipe (LEDs cannot be adjusted manually with the EX version)
  • Two LED lamps for optimum illumination of the pipe bottom
  • Integrated rear view camera
  • Interface for additional rear view camera in an elevated position
  • Interface to mount an optional elevator extension
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AGILIOS push camera system

The AGILIOS pan & tilt push camera system consists of a coiler with a reinforced, yet flexible push rod of up to 90 m length, two control panels, various axial cameras and a pan & tilt head camera.

Depending on the application area and purpose there are two multi-functional and mobile VISIONCONTROL control panels - version VC200 or version VC50 - that can be used.

The extremely robust VC50 is the control unit suitable for inspections under harsh environmental conditions and the VC200 allows to carry out inspections according to predefined standards.

The AGILIOS push camera system is designed for inspection of sewer and pipe systems with pipe diameters starting at DN 50. The maximum length of the push rod is 90 m. In combination with the mobile control panel VC200 an inspection according to predefined standards can be carried out.
  • CCD color camera
  • Multi-functional, portable operator panel VC200
  • Inspection according to predefined standards
  • Extremely robust, yet flexible push rod
  • Swivel arm to mount the mobile control panel VC200
  • Mains or battery operation possible
  • Side bag for storing the mobile control panel VC200, power cable and battery pack
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Quick View Zoom Camera

The Quickview zoom inspection camera system enables a quick look into pipelines, manholes or tanks. A zoom camera mounted to a carbon fiber telescope provides shadow-free illumination and sharp pictures with its revolutionary Haloptic technology. A vest-mounted control box including rechargeable battery suitable for single-user operation leaves one hand free to position the telescope. The inspection process is displayed on the viewer/recorder which is attached to the telescope.
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