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Phased Array Ultrasonic
Apart from conventional phased array methods like Sector Scanning & Linear Scanning, our phased array system have Total Focusing Method (TFM), 3D Imaging & step by step wizards with pictorial user guidance for parameter & application setup.

The Total Focusing Method TFM) is a unique feature and comparable to sampling phased array techniques. It integrates all interactions between all array elements and all pixels in a defi ned inspection area. Thus, it generates B-scans with an extremely high spatial resolution of 1 (!) wavelength if a phased array probe with 64 elements is used. Up to 25 frames per second can be achieved, thus providing real-time imaging.
Other Products
  • 3-positions encoder
  • 3D representation
  • Flexible matrix fields
  • CIVA-assisted generation of test parameters, thus very fast calculation of time delays, also for complex testing tasks (matrix arrays, curved parts)
  • Total Focusing Method (TFM) in real-time
  • True location data representation, that is, distortion-free sectional images (e.g. C-image as a plan view of a weld) and B-scan (depth section through weld)
  • Extremely low crosstalk between adjacent channels (crosstalk attenuation > 50 dB), thus good signal-to-noise ratio in the A-scan and high-contrast B and C images

The portable phased array testing system GEKKO provides 64 parallel test channels. On creating testing parameters the operator is assisted by the CIVA software. Due to its modular set-up the GEKKO instrument is suitable for operators of all skill levels.

As a leading phased array system GEKKO is able to operate with matrix arrays and real-time custom signal processing algorithms (Total Focusing Methods, TFM). GEKKO also supports most US testing techniques and already has implemented the latest features of the CIVA software.The GEKKO software has been developed for operators of all skill levels. The guided user interface simplifies the menus and reduces the possibilities of errors.
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MULTI2000 Pocket
  • Portable phased array module (multiplexed channel control)
  • Developed with Airbus Group (ex- EADS Innovation Works)
  • The highly portable pocket systems are available in 8 x 32 and 16 x 64 configurations
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MULTI 2000
  • Phased array testing electronics (multiplexed channel control)
  • The Multi2000 modular electronic architecture is based on 8x32 multiplexed boards (maximum number of active channels x total number of channels)
  • Multiplexed channels are connected to a motherboard for summation of the individual channels
  • This electronic architecture allows a great flexibility for the channel combination, associated with a real time focal laws update

The image shows a test electronic with the capability to connect up to 128 phased array elements and to activate a maximum of 32 elements per shot (virtual probe). Two Hypertronix and 8 LEMO connectors are provided for phased array and / or mono-element probes.
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  • Phased array testing electronics (parallel channel control)
  • The test electronics is based on 32-channel boards
  • Each board provides transmission, reception, digitizing and processing of channels
  • The module also contains a mother board where the final sum, processing and dialog with the host PC takes place
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  • Heavy-duty
  • Unique phased-array system optimized for low-frequency applications
  • Ideal for highly attenuative/heterogeneous materials such as thick composite, concrete and casted steels
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