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Liquid Penetrant Testing
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Dye Penetrant Testing

Penetrant testing is based on the capillary action at defects which are open to the surface, as e.g. with cracks, and is a comparably easy examination method: After spraying the testing agent penetrates into the crack due to the capillary action. Then, after the successive intermediate cleaning the developer becomes sprayed on. After drying the developer draws the penetrant from the crack and the indication widens. The trace of the crack becomes visible within a few minutes.
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Stationary Systems
  • The KD-CHECK stationary system is designed for liquid penetrant testing of small and medium-sized components. Each step like pre-cleaning, penetrant dwell, penetrant removal, developing and evaluation can be done here. It is suitable for both single component and small series testing.
  • The KD-CHECK stationary system is equipped with an explosion protected waste air fan. That way the emission of mist and explosive gases (cleaner, propellants) is reduced to a minimum. The lighting, also explosion protected, provides a sufficient light intensity.
  • Excess penetrant and waste-wash-water are collected in the active-carbon water-treatment-unit placed under the working area. The regenerated water can be reused for penetrant removal.
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Semi-Automatic Systems :

In Semi-automatic penetrants testing system for series production all parameters become memorized in a control unit so reproducible testing is possible. The upgrade stages are optional.
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Reference test blocks for penetrant testing

For color penetrant testing plenty of reference test blocks are available, each based on the different German and foreign standards. We offer you a great selection of reference test blocks and are pleased to help you in case of questions.
  • Test Block 1 according to DIN EN ISO 3452-3 (JIS Reference Body)
  • Test Block 2 according to DIN EN ISO 3452-3
  • Aluminium test panel according to ASME and DIN EN ISO 3452-4+5
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UV LED large area lamp

The multifunctional UV LED large area lamps are ideally suited for stationary use with fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particle testing.
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UV LED Combi Hand Lamp

  • The portable hand lamp for mains and battery operation
  • A quantum leap for the generation of mobile UV light used for penetrant and magnetic particle inspection
  • Instead of conventional glow-discharge bulbs, four light-weight and insensitive high-power UV LEDs with more than 10,000 hours operating time are used.
  • Another white light LED, which is located in the front centre permits to change to white light mode simply by pressing a momentary push button.
  • The lamp is ready to operate immediately after power-on, provides a high UV intensity and a uniform distribution of intensity.
  • The grading into risk class 2 (according to the German standard EM 6) meets the requirements of working safety for a low UV radiation exposure.
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