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Immersion Ultrasonic Testing
There are two ways to couple the sound from transducer to a test object with water. First is done with squirters where the sound travels through a jet of water. Second is by immersing the transducer and test object in a tank of water. Both techniques are called immersion testing. In immersion testing, the transducer is placed in the water, above the test object, and a beam of sound is projected.

Immersion ultrasonic inspection is mainly utilized in shop applications as a method to very accurately locate, classify and size defects in large plate, bar or forged materials. Using contour following computerized probes, we can also inspect highly irregularly shaped components. In addition, we perform through transmission immersion ultrasonic inspection which is primarily used to inspect composite type materials.

Using a computer-controlled high-resolution scanner in conjunction with typical ultrasonic equipment, C-scan images of material can be generated.
NDTT has vast experience in designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning of high quality custom built ultrasonic immersion testing systems which are suitable for different testing requirements. These systems are made as per international standards. NDTT has experience in supplying ultrasonic immersion systems for automobiles, research, defence and production components.

NDTT also provides service support in maintaining these systems with the help of their experienced and qualified Engineers.
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