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Field Strength Meter
  • Easy and convenient field strength measurement and monitoring of limit values.

  • With nondestructive crack detection of magnetizable workpieces the gauge is mainly used for the measurement of the tangential field strength during the magnetization and for the measurement of the residual field after the demagnetization.

  • During the magnetic particle crack detection workpieces are magnetized by means of a current or a field flow.
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The DEUTROMETER 3873 measures magnetic direct and alternating fields in the low-frequency range. Specialist knowledge from long-standing' experience acquired with the predecessor models could be incorporated into the development and with the aid of new technology customer wishes for practical handling were realized consistently. The features include :
  • Reliable, precise and robust

  • Economically reasonable

  • Offers an auto measuring mode for uncomplicated and quick measurement

  • Uses up-to-date technique to conveniently assist the operator in daily measuring life

  • Complies with EN ISO 9934-3:2002 section 9.3

  • Suitable for measurements according to EN ISO 17638 section 5.5.2
For optimal adaptation to the geometrical conditions you can choose between a 0° and a 90° measuring head. An alternative, paraffin-resistant execution makes the probes especially robust and thus suitable for crack detection using oil-based testing agents.
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Reference Magnet and zero field Chamber
  • Reference magnet and zero field chamber are used for checking and for zero adjustment of the field intensity meter DEUTROMETER 3873 and probes.

  • Reference magnets generate static magnetic fields of known magnitude with which the scale accuracy of the field intensity meter can be checked.

  • Zero field chambers screen against external magnetic interference fields to a large extent.
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Residual Field Indicator
Measure remanent magnetism in components, with the aid of the Residual Field Indicator the residual magnetism in a workpiece can be checked e.g. after magnetic particle crack detection. As well the position and polarity of magnetic poles can be identified. Residual Field Indicators are very sensitive against small changes of a magnetic field. Therefore, they are best suited for comparative measurements, e.g. in order to distinguish between sufficiently and insufficiently demagnetized parts.

The accuracy in a uniform magnetic field is given as ± 10 % of full scale. The allowed temperature range is: 20 °C ± 10 °C.
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