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Coating Thickness Gauge
LEPTOSKOP devices are used to measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on magnetic substrate (according to DIN EN ISO 2178) and to measure the thickness of electrically non-conductive coatings on non-magnetic electrically conductive substrates by means of the eddy current method (according to DIN EN ISO 2360).
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  • Compact design and a low price turn this instrument into the perfect choice for thickness determination of protective lacquer coatings or epoxy laminated materials in the industry field.

  • One-hand operation, low weight and the integrated probe are the key qualities of this device.

  • You have the choice: Magnetic-inductive method, Eddy current measurement or select the combination probe providing both measurement techniques.
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  • This gauge is the best choice if you need a universal, convenient device with a large display and easy, menu guided operation plus data logger.

  • The external probes can be chosen from an ample panel of model variations so a large number of measuring tasks can be solved.

  • A great variety of external probes makes the LEPTOSKOP 2042 much more flexible in particular with measurement of coatings on complex geometrical shapes and under difficult testing conditions.

  • A coating thickness of up to 20 mm is possible. On request, special customized probes can be produced as well.
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  • Only probe, software and PC.

  • The Windows-compatible software STATWIN 2002 creates a virtual coating thickness gauge on the monitor screen.

  • The necessary hardware is included in the probe whose variety and size correspond to the probes of the LEPTOSKOP 2042.
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  • If the high accuracy of electronic coating thickness measuring instruments is not necessary, the LEPTO-Pen is the simple and economic alternative.

  • Mechanical coating thickness measurement

  • The LEPTO-Pen works on untempered commercial quality steel substrate according to the known magnetic attraction principle (EN ISO 2178).

  • It is composed of a precision magnet and a mechanical spring balance, the scale of which is calibrated and labeled in ┬Ám coating thickness.

  • The handling of the gauge is correspondingly easy.
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