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Magnetic field lines which are generated by the magnetization process flow parallel to the surface in the component. Cracks with a perpendicular orientation in relation to the field lines disturb these and create a leakage flux: The field lines exit on one side and enter into the material on the other side, thus creating magnetic poles on the two side of the crack. When iron powder is dispersed on this area, it conglomerates above the crack because it is drawn by the magnetic poles.

Cracks with a parallel orientation in relation to the field lines cannot be detected because they do not generate a leakage flux. Covered cracks below the surface can be localized down to a certain depth of approximately 1 mm.
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FLUXA Inspection Media

  • FLUXA Ready Concentrates :
    Easiest way of preparation. You only need water to obtain the ready-to-use suspension. The contained additives are sufficient for nearly all cases.
  • FLUXA Medium Concentrates :
    Optimum compromise between price and preparation procedure The medium concentrates already contain wetting agent and a certain amount of rust inhibitor which will be sufficient for most testing tasks. In that case, only water must be added.
  • FLUXA High Concentrates :
    Cheapest types of concentrates. Even for these concentrates the often troublesome mixture of powder in water is not required. However, rust inhibitor and wetting agent must be added.
  • FLUXA Powder (wet process):
    Universally applicable and cheapest possibility. FLUXA Powders designed for the wet process are based on iron oxides. Thus, rust and quick settling are avoided.
  • FLUXA Ready-to-use :
    Ideally suitable for manual testing of single parts or on-site.
  • DEUTROFLUX Powder (dry process) article nos. 9030 - 9033 :
    These powders are used for the dry process, e.g. to meet certain U.S. prescriptions or for vortex chamber testing. The powder is applied on the specimen without a carrier medium, i.e. blown over the workpiece, or the residually magnetized workpiece is dipped into the powder bath of the vortex chamber. Suitably fine and coarse qualities should be mixed for these purposes.
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Reference blocks

For magnetic particle testing many reference blocks exist based on various German and international standards. For the efficient control of magnetization, penetration depth, quality of flourescent suspension and magnetic field direction in magnetic particle testing, following are the details:
  • FLUXA Test Block
  • Reference block 1 according to EN ISO 9934-2 (ex MTU Test Block)
  • Reference Block 2 according to EN ISO 9934-2
  • Berthold Test Device
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ASTM centrifuge tube

Used to determine the content of solid particles in the inspection medium for Magnetic Particle Examination, preferably in case of fresh suspensions.
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Spray Bottle

Re-usable pump spray bottle for convenient and environment-friendly spraying-on of the testing agent. By a few pumping movements before use, the entire contents can be sprayed. Therefore, spraying becomes much easier and protects the environment.
  • Size of bottle: 310 x 120 mm ø
  • Size of handle to jet: 210 mm
  • Weight (unfilled): 460 g
  • Max. volume: approx. 1 l
  • Max. pressure: 3 bar
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UV Intensity Meter

The DEUTROFLUX intensity meter is a hand-held instrument to measure the intensity of longwave UV radiation (365 nm) and to ensure sufficient irradiation. The UV photo sensor is detachable.
  • Direct reading in μW/cm2, unaffected by visible and shortwave UV-light.
  • Measuring ranges: 0 - 1200 µW/cm² and 1000 - 6000 µW/cm² (extended range by using attenuator).
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Lux Illumination Meter

The Lux Illumination Meter is a hand-held instrument to measure the intensity of visible light. UV components are suppressed, thus enabling a measurement (as requested in ISO 3059) also with switched-on UV lamp. For optimum handling, the sensor is separated from the gauge.
  • Measuring ranges: 0.1 ... 199 900 Lux (lx), resolution: 0.1 (within range 0.1 – 199.9 lx)
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