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The SLOFEC inspection technique uses the eddy current principle in combination with a magnetic field. Utilising superimposed DC-magnetisation, the depth of penetration of the eddy current field lines in the ferromagnetic material is increased. In case of a defect, the magnetic field lines have a higher density in the remaining wall thickness, which consequently changes the relative permeability in the area, which again changes the eddy current field lines, as shown in the diagram below.

The changes of the eddy current field lines are measured and analysed in comparison to its calibration in difference of the signal amplitude and the signal phase.
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Key Features of SLOFEC
  • Inspection of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Tanks
  • It has higher sensitivity
  • Localised Corrosion of 10% wall loss can be detected
  • Minimum Cleaning required
  • Technique can detect defect of smooth couture
  • Differentiation of top and underside defects through separate mapping
  • Noise & Defect echo differentiation
  • Experienced with inspection of coating up to 8mm
  • Inspection of lined and unlined tank floors
  • User friendly colour map report
  • Inspection of Bare and FRP coated pipeline can be inspected with better sensitivity
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