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Our design and development engineers are at the forefront of NDT, Our fully trained operatives are available 24/7 to sustain our clients requirements, and are ready to be deployed anywhere around the India.

The Leak Detection System is a long distance trunk main live CCTV inspection and leak detection platform designed for internal investigation and leak detection work in live pipelines.

The system utilizes a tri-sensor head incorporating industry leading high resolution digital camera, focused light system along with an internal hydrophone and sonde for leak detection.

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Key Features
  • High Definition Camera System
  • Hydrophone Technology
  • High Power Sonde
  • Electronic Cable Drum with 1000m Cable
  • Can be inserted through Air Valves, Tappings or Pressure fitting of 2” internal diameter
  • Pressurized Launch Mechanism
  • Works with a flow rate as low as 0.3m/s
  • Auto Chlorination & Disinfection System

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