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RFET testing is based on a through-transmission electromagnetic induction principle, it is used for inspection of Ferrous metal.

Basically there are two coils one Exciter & Second Detector coils. A Alternating current is applied to Exciter coil, which induces the Secondary Low powered Magnetic field in the tube wall which is received by the Detector coil
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Boiler Water Wall Inspection
Advance, specialized, robotic and rapid inspection technique for condition assessment of Boiler Water Wall Tubes
  • Travel 40 mtr vertically on water wall with the help of Robotic crawler
  • As it is Robotic and automated system Manual Error is eliminated
  • 5 Tubes can be scanned simultaneously
  • Minimum Cleaning is required
  • Up to 16 RFET dual frequency detector channels
  • Two frequencies are used, differentiating relevant and non-relevant signals is easy
  • 10 % wall loss can be detected
  • Equally sensitive to ID and OD defects
  • Videoscope of External surface is carried out
  • Inspects tube of 1.5” to 3.5” diameter
  • Real time Inspection can be done
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